Sunday, 3 February 2013

It`s Getting Really Real Now!

OMG it is 2 weeks yesterday in which I will be flying out to India with the WaterAid team....... by this time now in two weeks I will have stepped off the plane and looked straight into the heart of my first Indian sunrise..... "I will be waking up with India"..... I love the sound of those words.

It seems so much more real this week..... there was an article printed in the local paper about the trip which I discovered when I went down for my lunch at the Elan Valley Visitor Centre - I was told all about my upcoming trip which was transmitted to me by visitors having seen the newspaper. A great part of my dinner was then spent chomping in between the telling of our regular visitors/friends all about what was planned for my upcoming trip to India. Later an errand into the local town of Rhayader for some equipment and tools saw me relaying my impending travels to the friendly faces I met and also receiving many good luck remarks along my way. With each and every well wish granted my tummy increasingly took a  flip of excitement - so you can imagine what state  it must be in now as a write this!

I had an e-mail from a work colleague this week who was fortunate to go on the WaterAid trip a few years back to wish me luck and some wise words of advice which were;- to keep a diary as there is so much going on your brain can become fuddled and to bring some small bottles of hand gel with me..... And I am feeling less guilty about picking up all that Imodium now too :-) I'm not alone with belly ache worries..... and on that matter I have received very much guidance and advice which I won`t offer up right now..... 

I am off to see the nurse this week to sort out the malaria tablets.....

Visitors Centre from above

The Elan Valley Visitor Centre located in front of Caban Coch Dam - with up to 200,000 Visitors a year who come to see the Dams and the scenic area in which they are set. Many stop by to visit the cafe, shop, exhibition and have ample opportunity to learn all about the Elan Valley. for more information -

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