Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Back to school - in Rhayader

Went into the local school today in Rhayader for assembly. I was greeted by wonderfully enthusiastic children who informed me that India was very good for wildlife and to be careful of any Bengal Tigers lurking... and to keep my eyes open for Asian elephants! They reminded me how important the Elan Valley Dams are now, how the water was needed for the City of Birmingham, how clean water is good for us and that God turned water into wine. I did get to talk about WaterAid and explained that not everyone in the world has access to clean safe water like us. It sounds like everyone was educating everyone else. I am looking forward to going back and doing some classroom or eco club sessions. The children seemed keen to hear about my adventures on my return. Thank you Rhayader Primary for being so lovely and sweet. I was nervous but did receive a "your talk was awesome" from a little boy on my way out. Though I think they are awesome kids and teachers too. :-)

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