Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A little bit of prepraration done for the trip

Today It still snows and slowly but surely I made it down the Elan Valley into work at the Visitor Centre. I have also been urged by my Dwr Cymru Welsh Water WaterAid team and works comms department to take some pictures even now as I prepare for my trip...........So every effort has been made and I have done my best grimacing at a camera and I have some images to use ?...erk..... 

On the subject of images I had this picture of a mother and her child sent to my work e-mail by our Regional Development Manager at WaterAid - I think its a powerful picture and I thought I would share it with you................ 

Photographer Credit WaterAid Brent Stirton
A slum dwelling mother and child stand amongst the flood affected
housing in which they live, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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