Saturday, 9 February 2013

The layout of the trip now!

Phew.... Last items are about packed.... things have been in and out of my ruck sack........ my mind has been a constant chatter of "Do I need it?- What would I do without this? - Maybe a few less of this - Maybe a few more of those - Wheres that passport gone now? - there it is how did it get there? - How on earth can one small 60Lt ruck sack take about 2 hours of organising?!  But like I said its about ready to go..... Am I? Well the excitement is paramount at this stage............ A feeling of responsibility and nerves has eased into the mix...... But its LETS DO THIS!

I have had my trip layout provided read and re-read the details.

I will be flying from Heathrow on the 16th Feb into New Delhi. Getting on a train to Gwalior, spending a few days there. Back on the train and into Bhopal to spend another few days before flying back to New Delhi. Spending a little time here and then back home to my life in Wales.

I will be expected to meet with communities to find out what life is like without safe water and sanitation and visit the WaterAid projects in both urban slums and rural villages to see how the money raised by Welsh Water employees and customers is making a difference. India has a population of over one billion and diseases are common throughout the country due to contaminated drinking water sources and poor sanitation. WaterAid estimates that only 31% of the population has adequate sanitation and 320,000 children under five die every year as a result of this.
 **Sources: World Bank (2011) World Development Indicators database -, WHO / UNICEF (2010) Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) report 2010, UNDP (2011), Human Development Report 2011)

As part of the trip, to the Madhya Pradesh region of India, I will have opportunity to spend time with a local family living without clean water and sanitation, learning first-hand about the challenges they face without access to these vital resources. I look forward to  meeting children from local schools, sit in on hygiene education sessions, take part in some construction work and learn how access to clean water and sanitation has helped transform people’s lives.

As a mother myself, I find it very sad and shocking that 2,000 children die every day from diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation. Clean water is something we take for granted in the UK, but some people have no choice but to drink dirty water that could make them ill, or worse. I feel seeing the impact of  the awful truth in the field will be a hard fact to deal with emotionally!?

A Picture I took just today - under the Bridge - where water is plenty!
Nant Gwyllt Elan Valley

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water is actively involved in a wide range of fundraising activities every year. In the past eight years staff have raised over £840,000. The company has also supported WaterAid through the annual customer appeal. Since it was launched in 1993, customers have given over £3.5 million – enough to help over 450,000 people gain access to safe, clean water and sanitation.


  1. Knowing your commitment Sorcha I know your trip will be sucessful, I wish you a safe trip and great endeavour, Dave Bailey X

  2. Thank you David..... I look forward to catching up with you when I get back x :-)

  3. Have a safe trip Sorcha a life time experience we all know you will grab with both hands and do well, good safe trip. carolxx

  4. Thank you Carol..... shall keep you updated I hope.... x

  5. Bon voyage Sorcha
    Don't worry about taking toilet roll in your rucsac - there is another way which is much greener...but do take soap!
    Look forward to hearing about your experiences (not the ones without the toilet roll though)
    Suzie sends her best wishes and looks forward to your bollywood moves on the dancefloor...

  6. That is so :-) Darylle and Suzie..... I have taken suzie`s recommendations and taken the book.... which you never know the uses it could have when i have read it??? :-) Look forward to seeing you all when I get back xx . Me dancing sounds a bit scary....but you never know x